Kim Kelly with her husband and two sons.

My name is Kim Kelly and I’m a writer, publisher and designer. I’ve worked in nonprofit publishing for nearly nine years. During that time, I’ve shaped publications content, mentored volunteer writers and editors, launched an award-winning blog as well as a flagship magazine. In 2016, I earned the Certified Association Executive credential (CAE).

I enjoy crafting content that will reward the reader as well as drive sales and educational goals. In addition to writing, I also create content strategies that support larger organizational goals by adding intention to both printed and digital publications.

For me, design is a way of life. I have experience creating layouts for publications, marketing pieces, posters and websites. I’m interested in photography and bring an artistic eye to everything I do.

Outside of work, I’m a tennis player, chardonnay drinker and mom. I launched Kim Kelly Consulting in 2017 to balance my love of publications and spending more time with my two sons.

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