Web Graphics

I can create anything from blog images to e-newsletter headers and social media posts. Web graphics don’t have to be complicated, but they should be striking. The Internet is full of distractions, so an eye-catching graphic can mean the difference between converting a customer or winning a subscriber. Here are a few examples of web graphics I’ve created for various spots:

Here is an example of a logo I made for a blog series called “Life Hacks Week.” The logo was added to every stock image used to illustrate that series. It can be updated annually to keep a consistent voice and add a fun piece of branding to an otherwise brief period of posting.


This graphic was created to support a “wellness challenge” run as part of ASDA’s wellness initiative. It tied into a blog post that explained the details of the month-long challenge and urged students to turn off their phones for 24 hours.
Here is an example of a header image for a blog post. Using typography and the association’s logo, I was able to tailor the stock photo to this specific blog post.
Here is another example of a blog post header image that has been customized with typography and branding.