White Papers & E-books

The National Automatic Merchandising Association Foundation (NAMA) approached me to write and design a white paper. These days, the term “white paper” isn’t exactly clickbait. That’s why NAMA asked Kim Kelly Consulting to research and write in the style of a white paper but package it in a modern e-guide. The result was a fascinating deep dive into part of their industry as well as a great experience working with their volunteer task force. Below are snapshots from the project, as well as an excerpt.

The final page of the report featured an infographic that NAMA members could add branding to and use as a flier for their customers. This is a great way to add major value to a digital product.


With unemployment at a historic low, employers are doing their best to recruit and retain talent. In addition to traditional benefits like health care and retirement plans, employers are looking to offer benefits that will set them apart and make their employees happy. In a 2016 blog post for LinkedIn’s Talent Blog, Jennifer Kim writes, “Free lunch is no longer just a ‘perk,’ and the boosts for culture, morale, and productivity are elevating it to a benefit like health care or a 401k.” At the time, Kim was the head of employee experience and development for Lever, a recruiting software company. Kim argues that Lever’s free lunch program made the staff more efficient, more creative and more satisfied in their jobs.

So where does your business fit in? For most operators, micro markets and office coffee service (OCS) remain profitable. According to NAMA’s 2016 Industry Census, OCS is a $4.6 billion business that’s seen sales increase year-over-year for more than 10 straight years. Given the landscape, your clients are primed to add services that will help them recruit and retain talent.

Pantry service is on the rise and could be just what you need to grow sales within your current client base. For employers, pantry service will not only improve recruitment and retention, but also change the overall culture of the workplace. 

This e-guide will walk you through the ways in which you can sell clients on pantry services. You’ll walk away with talking points to address with a client, a list of challenges to consider when starting pantry service, as well as tips from pioneers in offering these services. The last two pages of this guide are printable flyers that you can leave behind with clients and include infographics to both educate and persuade employers.

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